• FNO A3 annotated by eurydice13

    how I fixed Vogue’s Fashion Night Out #FNO

    by  • 25 October 2014 • 0 Comments

    Ok, so I didn’t fix it. I just did something slightly OCD only for me. My friend saw what I’d done, loved it, and encouraged me to tell the story and the vision of what FNO could, some day, have. what is FNO? A few weeks ago was the much-anticipated Vogue’s Fashion Night Out....

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    why I call myself a “UX Architect”.

    by  • 20 October 2014 • 0 Comments

    People with my skills have been called UI designers, business analysts, information architects, interaction designers and a few other things besides. This is confusing and tiring. I have chosen “UX Architect”, and I have a reason. Firstly, “UX” stands for user experience, and is an offshoot of Human-Computer Interaction. My choice of “UX Architect”...

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    Sketchbook Mondays : Statues at the V&A

    by  • 18 August 2014 • 0 Comments

    V&A Statues

    This Saturday, i popped into the V&A to meet a friend for some sketching. I am quick-ish, whereas she is more meticulous. After maybe 45min, i had these two sketches. Hers was still in progress, and is way nicer than my quick doodles. Happy sketchbook Monday!

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