• why I call myself a “UX Architect”.

    by  • 20 October 2014 • 0 Comments

    People with my skills have been called UI designers, business analysts, information architects, interaction designers and a few other things besides. This is confusing and tiring. I have chosen “UX Architect”, and I have a reason. Firstly, “UX” stands for user experience, and is an offshoot of Human-Computer Interaction. My choice of “UX Architect”...

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    Sketchbook Mondays : Statues at the V&A

    by  • 18 August 2014 • 0 Comments

    V&A Statues

    This Saturday, i popped into the V&A to meet a friend for some sketching. I am quick-ish, whereas she is more meticulous. After maybe 45min, i had these two sketches. Hers was still in progress, and is way nicer than my quick doodles. Happy sketchbook Monday!

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